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TruckMiles Permit Information

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Road Legal Permitting Service
Who are we?
Road Legal is a permitting service that has helped over 12,000 transportation professionals with their permitting needs. Whether you're starting a new company or could just use some help, give us a call! 1-800-324-8789.


FHWA and US DOT Number

You must file for Federal Authority:

  • If you are crossing a state line for hire.
  • You must have the new FHWA authority with the US DOT number.  (Please remember that Federal authority is Not based on GVW.)
  • If your company needs an address change, name change, transfer or a reinstatement, we can do those also.

Who Doesn't Need Federal Authority?

  • Private or exempt carriers do not have to apply for Federal authority.  However, if those carriers could obtain a paid load to get to or from a place rather than being empty, this can decrease the dead head miles that results in lost revenue.

Insurance Needed for FHWA
We can put you in touch with Insurance companies that can write and file the correct amount of insurance you need to obtain your authority.

MX Numbers for Mexican Citizens
We can file MX numbers for Mexican citizens for the following four states: Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California


Process Agents

What is a process agent?
"A process agent is a representative upon whom court papers may be served in any proceeding brought against a motor carrier, broker, or freight forwarder.  Every motor carrier, or forwarder registered with the Federal Highway Administration must list the name and address of an agent from each state.  Brokers are required to list process agents in each state in which they have an office and in which they write contracts." -- Federal Highway Administration

We are American Process Agents
As Process Agents, we take care of the headaches of filing with the federal government.

  1. We file your BOC-3 for you!
  2. We notify our agents in every state of your name and address.
  3. We then send you a list of your process agents.
  4. We, as a courtesy to our clients, will re-file your BOC-3 for name changes, transfer, and re-instatements Free Of Charge!!

Federal and State Requirements:
"These rules, relating to the filing of designations of persons upon whom court process may be served, govern motor carriers and brokers and, as of the moment of succession, their fiduciaries (as defined at 49 CFR 1043.10(a))." -- 49 U.S.C. section 1044.1

  • You must file "Form BOC-3, Designation of Agent form Service of Process "with the federal government.
  • You must file with your base state.
  • You must, if you are a motor carrier, make "a designation for each State which you are authorized."
  • You must, if you are a broker, " designate each State in which your offices are located or in which contracts will be written."


State Permits
We can obtain:
  • Your SSRS (Single State Registration System) for any state which requires this filing. Your FMCSA (formerly FHWA) Authority must be registered in any regulated state you wish to travel through.
  • Your IFTA permit and decals in all 48 states.
  • All Road and Mileage Tax credentials required from the states of KY, NM, NY and OR.
  • Bingo Stamps for Exempt Carriers. (Remember, some states also require this for Private Carriers)
  •  Intrastate Authority (Point to Point within the same state) for all states requiring this filing.

Road Legal, Inc. can handle all renewals for the above state permits, which expire at the end of each year.  We will notify you of these renewals months in advance.

Fuel Tax Services

All states in which you are permitted require a tax report whether you ran in the state or not!

Let us do these taxes for you! (If you want to do fuel taxes yourself, check out our Fuel Tax program which will make it a snap.)

To do your fuel taxes, we need:

  • accurate trip sheets and legible fuel receipts

  • all quarterly tax reporting forms you received from any state.

At the end of each quarter we will:

  • send you a "Quarterly Mileage Summary" printout

  • send you a copy of all reporting forms and payments sent to the states

  • return your trip sheets and fuel receipts in the order in which you ran

Remember!!! All States in which you are permitted require a tax report form whether you ran in their State that quarter or not. States, unfortunately, do make mistakes and although not often, they have lost a return.  We work with the States to correct this problem at no charge to you!

Pricing and Payment Plans:
We have several pricing packages and payment plans.  If you supply us with accurate trip sheets and legible fuel receipts once or twice a month, you will be invoiced monthly.

If you prefer to supply us with monthly or quarterly totals instead of trip sheets and fuel receipts, you will be invoiced quarterly.

Having trouble with some of your drivers not turning in trip sheets?  Well, we can help!  Simply supply us with origin, destination, and fuel receipts, and WE can generate the trip sheets for you!

Recap Miles:
If you prefer to supply us with monthly or quarterly totals instead of trip sheets and fuel receipts, give us a call at 1-800-324-8789 to get a great price.


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